Dams, tanks and ponds can be a cost-effective and reliable method for storing substantial volumes of water, as well as other liquids like wastewater, effluents, and byproducts from mining, agricultural, and farming industries. As the integrity of these water bodies is crucial, Waterlogic provides and installs high quality, reliable and long-lasting liners to ensure leakage and soil pollution are prevented.

Over the past 25 years Waterlogic has established themselves as an industry leader and innovator. Using the latest industry standard equipment combined with custom-made, in-house technology Waterlogic offers cost effective solutions for even the most difficult sites.

Waterlogic provides and installs liners that are suited for a variety of environments, including sandy, shale, or loamy soils known for their higher permeability, or even to address issues with existing leaky structures. These liners are engineered to meet the highest standards of physical and chemical robustness and offer flexibility and resistance to tears and punctures.

Waterlogic can provide advice and assistance in the creation of new dams, offer high quality lining solutions for existing dams, tanks and ponds, or remediate and repair older lining works. Waterlogic also offers a range of complementary services such as inspection and reporting, dredging, dam and tank cleanout, pipe welding and poly fabrication.

Waterlogic can also pre-fabricate liners to suit ornamental ponds in a residential or business environment. These liners can be shipped direct to customers and come pre-folded in a convenient manner for easy unfolding and self-install in the customer’s pond.

At Waterlogic, we’re eager to share our expertise on liner installation and, if needed, offer our professional installation services.

Whether you’re an industry professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist, feel free to get in touch with us for an obligation free discussion and quotation.

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