Controlling evaporation and maintaining water quality are critical in the agriculture, farming, and mining industries. Evaporation control is essential to conserve water, a precious resource, especially in arid regions where water scarcity can severely impact crop yields and livestock health. Water quality maintenance is equally important as it directly affects the health of crops, the safety of livestock, and the efficacy of mining processes. In mining, poor water quality can hinder the extraction process and result in environmental pollution.

Implementing measures to control evaporation and preserve water quality is not only an environmental imperative but also a practical necessity for the economic viability and productivity of these industries.

Variable level floating covers are a flexible, durable and environmentally friendly solution for evaporation control and water quality preservation in the farming, agricultural and mining industries.

Over the past 25 years Waterlogic has established themselves as an industry leader and innovator in floating covers. Using the latest industry standard equipment combined with custom-made, in-house technology Waterlogic offers cost effective solutions for even the most difficult sites.

Waterlogic can offer design solutions through our extensive industry experience and contacts or execute a floating cover to your specific plans.

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