Ornamental ponds are a captivating feature in any garden or landscape, offering a serene retreat and a habitat for a variety of aquatic plants and wildlife. The construction of these ponds is a delicate process where pond liners play a crucial role. They are the foundation that ensures the pond’s longevity and beauty by preventing water loss through seepage into the surrounding soil. A high-quality liner acts as a barrier against roots and burrowing animals, which could otherwise compromise the pond’s structure. Liners help maintain the water’s clarity and quality, essential for the health of fish and plants.

Waterlogic has been supplying and installing pond liners for 25 years. You can rely on our extensive knowledge and experience to offer the right solution for your circumstances.

Waterlogic can pre-fabricate polyethylene liners and other protective geofabric membranes in a variety of thicknesses, custom made to your desired dimensions and shipped to your door. For larger ornamental ponds or dams Waterlogic can deliver and conduct on site welding, offering a start to finish solution.

Waterlogic also offers advice and solutions for pipe and pier penetrations, under liner drainage, water filtration and recirculation, water features, and seamless, hidden anchoring systems.

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